Take speed off the roads

Motor sport/drag racing provides a competitive outlet where people can develop skills with an improved understanding of how human behaviour is closely linked to the function ability of a motor vehicle in a safe, controlled environment.

The grass roots of drag racing is off street racing where licenced drivers are encouraged to participate at Sydney Dragway - Eastern Creek providing a responsible outlet every Wednesday night.

Illegal street racing on public roads is not only dangerous; it is a practice that sends the wrong message to the community and media. In turn this casts a shadow over responsible drivers that are doing the right thing, restricting their racing to the legal place to race - Sydney Dragway. 

Ian Luff is a motoring expert, driver trainer, Australian motor racing champion, media commentator and qualified mechanical engineer. Ian Luff Motivation Australia Pty Ltd (Est. 1983) provides defensive, advanced and competition/motorsport driver development programs. The academy has launched many successful careers including Australian Formula 1 driver Mark Webber. Having recently relocated its business to the Sydney Dragway, there is now a strong commitment to promote safe driving behaviour programs with the emphasis of 'taking speed off the roads.' These activities are tied in with off street drags every Wednesday night. Already 'Drive to Survive' school student programs have been developed to show how inappropriate speed, unsafe vehicles and limited skills is a recipe for road carnage.

The programs show students how mechanical preparation determines success or failure and how alcohol/drugs/fatigue etc impacts on human behaviour. Drive to Survive is closely linked to Government road safety messages of driver fatigue - 'Stop revive survive' and speeding - 'How fast are you going now?'

1,000 school students from Sydney's western suburbs are enrolled in the program with 7 schools participating on a free of charge basis. The Sydney Dragway is the classroom where Ian Luff Motivation Australia Pty Ltd has booked 26 days to host this life saving initiative.

The ‘Drive to Survive Student Driver Education Program' has already attracted interest from other Sydney schools which could see an excess of 10,000 students visiting the Sydney Dragway each year.

"Statistic show that novice drivers are overrepresented in motor vehicle accidents on New South Wales roads so saving just one life will make this program worthwhile," said Drive to Survive CEO Ian Luff.

To encourage licenced drivers to make sensible decisions about following their heart and taking on the challenges of drag racing Ian Luff 'Motivation Motor sport' has developed specialised training forums and programs to educate drivers in advanced car handling skills. Again the driver is exposed to a learning and development program in a safe controlled environment at Sydney Dragway. We call this the 'Accelerated Learning Formula' (ALF) which breaks down the three elements being;

Driver - Vehicle - Environment.

Any street registered vehicle has the ability to handle the rigors of off street drag racing, through the Drive to Survive; program new drivers learn how to safely maintain control without enthusiasm exceeding ability. Drive to Survive training programs educate drivers about the importance of mental attitude and how this reflects in improved driver reactions. We also cover the importance of mechanical preparation while accelerating fast and how braking efficiently is an acquired skill and an area that is a key component for improved safety on track and on road.

Like the road, track conditions can vary so the learning formula teaches attendees how temperature can influence traction which comes back to tyre choices, air pressures and rubber compound etc.

The ‘Drive to Survive' Driver Development Program provides an excellent platform and lead in motor sport and drag racing. Through highly effective driver education this can be further supported by Government initiatives and legislation promoting safe driving behaviour.

At all levels of motorsport and drag racing this requires heightened driver skills. Should you want to participate in motorsport or drag racing then our driving programs will make you a more competent, safer and competitive driver.

Our programs promote increased awareness, heightened anticipation skills and the ability to safely handle a motor vehicle at the upper limits of control.

Ian Luff Motivation Australia Pty Ltd is endorsed by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) for competition licence endorsement and ANDRA for participation in drag racing.

Drive to Survive is about 'taking speed of the roads' and Helping Save our Most Precious Resource - Human Life!