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The Taking Speed Off The Roads campaign engages with High Schools (year 10 students), starting off on their journey, learning how to Drive to Survive. Our Partner Support Program allows individual companies to be involved with our lifesaving work by financially supporting this campaign. 

Ian Luff Motivation Australia (established 1983), manages and facilitates the program in the form of forums in High Schools. This format requires a staff of (4) including our Drive to Survive ambassador and brain injury sufferer Jarrad Ingram to attend all sessions, Making it Happen. Jarrad died twice in the CareFlight helicopter on route to Westmead Hospital following his high-speed crash that nearly took his life. He openly tells students that he was driving way too fast in wet weather conditions; he lost control, now he is in lifelong rehabilitation. 

The profound impact of listening to Jarrad talk about having to learn to walk, talk, eat and his lifelong limitations is a wakeup call, driving home his life-changing message. The Drive to Survive in-school driver education program provides evidence-based outcomes, with 97% of students surveyed admitting the program would help them to be a safer driver. Uneducated young drivers can't be blamed entirely, for they must be considered as being unconsciously incompetent, we can't expect them to be safer drivers without providing them with the right safer driving education. 

Our Support Partner Program allows us to provide this program free of charge to schools and students and would not be possible without their contributions. This support also helps to pay for the professionally produced take home safety manuals that are given to all attendees, allowing students to reflect on what was discussed during the session.

To this extent, we are privileged to be supported by the following partners: -

The simple, yet compelling, safe driving tips and principles delivered through the Drive to Survive® program help to increase driver awareness and improve behaviours to make the M5 South-West even safer.

We're proud to be delivering critical messages that can save lives through our support of Drive to Survive® says Rex Wright.


Most year 10 students will embark on their learn to drive journey, assisted by family or friends. Young Inexperienced drivers are still overrepresented in accidents. This can be attributed to many factors, the inability to assess risk, poor choices or inexperience. Couple with parents passing on incorrect messaging during the learner phase; compounded by a licencing system that focusses on the driver's knowledge of the road rules rather than safe driving competency. 

Our research has reaffirmed, students who are exposed to the Drive to Survive program are empowered to make smarter decisions and take fewer risks. This will have a greater influence on their behaviour as a prudent driver. With our partner's support, together we can achieve this goal!

Statistics show young people are the most vulnerable and at-risk road users.  By specifically targeting this audience with evidence-based driver education, we are directly influencing their driver behaviour and outcomes. The Drive to Survive - Taking Speed Off The Roads educational program represents a vital part of youth development.

By working together, with your support, we will Make it Happen, knowing we are making a difference.

Thank You.