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Congratulations, your child has taken part in our FREE of charge ‘in-school driver education program’ designed to help them make smarter choices while driving. Sadly we know young people are hopelessly over-represented in road trauma that could have been prevented.

Having been in the driver education industry since 1972 we know that new drivers pick up a lot of their habits (good or bad) from their parents. This is either by riding in the car as a passenger or from the learner driving process.

Graph casualty crashes

Our passion is to create safer drivers; given this, the program extends to parents of the students we reached at our ‘in-school driver education program’. Now you too can learn vital road safety information that you can use while teaching your child to drive. This online tutorial will only take a short time out of your day but will give you vital information that will help you Drive to Survive®.

You will hear from road safety expert Ian Luff, plus stay up to date on the latest vehicle safety technology and advice.

By entering this portal you agree to take this information on board to support your child in their learner driving endeavours and together you will be committed to being safer drivers. Your child’s school has put the faith into our program knowing it will make positive outcomes towards your child’s safety. This can only be achieved if we all work together.

This program is the first of it’s kind and shows why the Drive to Survive® methodology is the best available, we encourage you to also complete our defensive driving program too, however that is completely your choice.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the information we will provide to you, simply enter your details above to begin. Please note you may be contacted by Drive to Survive® or our partners with genuine special offers that will help you be a safer road user (obligation free).

Please also visit our 'Support Partner Page' to see who has supported this program to help Make It Happen! Support Partners

Thank you for taking part in the program, we sincerely hope you and your learner driver enjoy the experience safely together.

Kind Regards

The Drive to Survive Team.


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