Performance Driving Program

  • Full day program
  • One on One in-car coaching
  • Vehicle Dynamics - Limitations
  • Advanced Driver Training

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The Performance Driving Program is suitable for every level driver (except Learner drivers), you will be pushed to find the limitation of your vehicle and your own personal performance. 

This program has been designed to give you a fast-tracked learning experience with our highly experienced trainers guiding you all the way in the vehicle with you. We are proud to say this is the only program of its kind in Australia that utilises safe controlled private roads that simulate the real driving environment. NOT conducted on a racetrack this program is suited to the driver who wants to gain more experience, learn about their vehicle, learn about themselves and learn what not to do in a high-pressure reactive situation. 

We also provide the CAMS Observed License test (OLT) to gain your circuit racing clearance at these programs. 

Program Overview

'Performance' driving principles are taken to a high level at this program with driver awareness significantly increased as well as competency.

The one-day (8 hour) program is conducted at a private closed venue where attendees are personally coached one on one through our exclusive (ALF) Accelerated, Learning, Formula. Our key to success is, information, instruction followed by repetition and experience.

This will help you achieve improvement in your driving irrespective of experience. Our unique ‘road course’ provides many different driving scenarios including, cornering, braking and acceleration combinations. The process is challenging, and your ability to react faster will come from increased vision steering control (VSC). The

The Ian Luff personal training team are the best available anywhere and they will improve your level of performance by structured in car coaching. You get to drive your vehicle, certain vehicles types like 4WD's or off road or commercial vehicles may be unsuitable, if uncertain please check before booking.

With a low trainer to attendee ratio, and being highly interactive this allows you to step outside your comfort zone in a safe controlled environment. Developing an advanced thinking mindset, preparing you for unforeseen scenario's where cornering dynamics are discussed and experienced (understeer and oversteer). This program is 90% hands-on where you will be consistently challenged throughout the day, vehicle dynamics are a key aspect of the program along with advanced driving principles that will make you a much more competent driver. Many attendees complete this program regularly for fun or to remain at this high level of competency. 

Please check with our team if your vehicle is suitable if you are uncertain before making a booking (02) 9622 5424

What others have to say

This program is a must for everyday and experienced drivers as it significantly raises the bar on hazard perception. With highly skilled instructors one cannot gain or buy that type of experience anywhere else.

Having attended your Performance Driving Program was a life changing experience. It has made me acutely aware that skill alone is not enough and that increased awareness and anticipation will make me a proactive driver. Your team of trainers corrected a lot of bad habits which proved you can teach an old dog new tricks. They made the learning experience one of the best days of my life.