P Plate Driving Program

  • One day 'Drive to Survive' defensive driving program
  • Theory and Hands-on Driving
  • Over or Under Confident Driving Issues
  • Gift voucher for this program is available

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A parent's worst nightmare is when their child is learning to drive. Learning driving skills is usually taught by parents who most probably learnt from their own parents too. Defensive driving principles are often overlooked with this process, through a lack of knowledge or experience in this field. 

In no time your loved one obtains a provisional driver's licence and is allowed freedom to drive unsupervised anywhere with passengers and in all kinds of adverse conditions. Provisional drivers are still in the learning phase and lack the experience required to remain safe at all times. This is why novice drivers (17-25 years) are hopelessly overrepresented in motor vehicle accidents and road trauma. In-fact accident injury rates of red p plate drivers jump by 800% over that of learner drivers.

This doesn't have to be the outcome, we can help them to be safer drivers through knowledge, education and hands-on practical experience. 

Program Overview

Combined with the Drive to Survive defensive driver training program, P-Plate drivers are given specific information that is age appropriate and aimed at their experience level. Taking into consideration the attendee's confidence level we can either reduce overconfidence or build the confidence as required, both of these represent a dangerous driving mindset.

With a combination of theory backed up by hands-on driver training, attendees will learn defensive driving disciplines in a safe controlled environment. Soft plastic traffic cones simulate real life challenges helping novice drivers to develop a defensive mindset, attitude, and awareness. The program is relevant to the vehicle you drive, our expert personal trainers are on hand to demonstrate and coach you through each activity. The knowledge and skills gained will one day save your life.

Learning outcomes are similar to the defensive driving program with the added elements for P Plate drivers: -

  • Peer group pressure
  • Consequences of losing license
  • Ramifications of causing death or injury to others
  • Likely outcomes of severe crashes
  • Understanding P Plate drivers are still learning
  • Reinforcing limitations on P Plate drivers like: -
    • Curfew,
    • Mobile phones
    • Alcohol limit
    • Type of vehicle they drive

Graduates receive a certificate of completion. Our ‘Drive to Survive’ P plate program provides attendees with life-saving skills. We also provide gift vouchers which have been referred to as

 Gift vouchers are available and have been referred to as 'the gift of life.'

What others have to say

Mum and Dad gave me a gift voucher and I thought I didn't need it. Having done the course I now know how much I did not know. This has changed the way I think about driving. This course should be made compulsory. I thought I could drive a car ok but after attending the Drive to Survive course it has opened my eyes.

Thanks to the instructors for the wake up talk, I now see things differently.