Defensive Driving Program

  • Full day program 
  • You learn in your own vehicle
  • Evidence-based driver training

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This program is a hands-on defensive driver training program combining valuable theory with physical driving activities designed to give you the best learning outcome. The program is a must for any driver, regardless of skill level (not suitable for learner drivers). All drivers who attend this training program already have a license, we focus our attention on defensive driving techniques that are simply not taught as part of our licensing system. Based on our research and evidence the information learned at this program is essential lifesaving knowledge that will give you a greater chance of safer outcomes. 

Put simply our road toll is rising, as is our accident injury rate, no longer can you afford to miss out on this training.

After completing this training you will learn the current and best practice driving techniques that drivers should know to allow them to Drive to Survive. 

Program Overview

Key elements - 'Driver', 'Vehicle' and 'Environment' are broken down into individual sections linking theoretical information with practical application, demonstration, and participation.

Soft plastic safety cones are used at our closed, private venues to simulate what can happen on public roads, making our exercises very safe. 

The program is relevant to the type vehicle you drive, large – small, sports car, commercial vehicles or four wheel drives. It will offer you the chance to learn in a safe and controlled environment in your own vehicle. Companies use the Drive to Survive program as a positive way to reduce fleet running costs, while meeting their obligations of WPH&S.

Our expert team of highly experienced trainers are the best available and they have your interests ate heart. They are trained to understand that individuals require different learning strategies based on their experience level, this make's our program a thoroughly rewarding experience for all attendees.

Expected learning outcomes of this program are: -

  • Increased ability to recognise possible dangers
  • Correct use of vision to avoid a collision (Increase awareness)
  • Understand the consequences of substance use while driving
  • Correct use of the braking system fitted to the vehicle in an emergency
  • Gain the ability to safely avoid an accident 
  • Correct gap selection and why this is important for safe driving
  • Driver set up behind the wheel to increase competency and reduce fatigue
  • Removal of all blind spots
  • Understanding environmental impacts on driving
  • Wet & dry driver competency
  • Greater understanding of tyre's and vehicle maintenance 
  • Crash examples and dispelling myths
  • Distractions and the impact these have on driving
  • Improving techniques to help drivers maintain focus (Mindset)
  • Attitude towards driving - road rage etc.. 
  • Understanding the technology fitted to the vehicle like stability control etc..

The knowledge and skills you will gain could one day save you, or another’s life. If you lack confidence, this experience will help you develop a positive mindset to better assimilate with the busy road environment.

For some drivers motoring is more about the journey, our defensive driving program provides the essential building blocks that every driver should learn. Aussie ex-Formula One driver Mark Webber kick started his career attending our Drive to Survive defensive driving program in the mid-nineties. He then went onto graduate through our next level – Performance Driver Training while working for us as a member of our personal training team.

What others have to say

A fun and informative day. The overall feedback has shown the defensive driving program to be the best anyone’s been part of, and already you’ve been recommended to others.

The course I attended last Friday was the best experience. I’ve attended a number of these types of defensive courses over the years and found Ian Luff's Drive to Survive program the best I have been too! – (available on request).