Track Attack Open Track Day

  • Plenty of laps in Sessions 
  • Drive at your own pace 
  • Limited requirements 
  • Road cars permitted

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Open Track DaysIan Luff Track Attack Drive Events

Open track days are designed for you to enjoy Racetrack main circuits. Please note anyone attending track days that these are private events for drivers and registered spectators for the safety and security of all participants attending.

Drive at your own pace, explore the upper limits of your vehicle. You can complete up to 15 laps before a cool down period, this allows you to make changes to your vehicle, rehydrate and prepare for your next session. If the numbers drop off towards the end of the day, it becomes an open pit lane for all groups.

If laps are what you want, this program is for you.  Priced very competitively, you won’t find a better track day option, professionally run with a morning briefing and formatted sessions.

These days are great for vehicle testing, shakedowns or for simply getting out on a track and enjoying your vehicle.

No roll cage is required. A valid driver's licence is all you need and your vehicle must be roadworthy (a safety check will be enforced) vehicle registration for the road is not required, so towed race and track day vehicles are allowed. Helmets are mandatory as is wrist to ankle covering. If you don’t have a helmet you can hire one for the day for $20. 

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