Gift Voucher

Buying a 'Drive to Survive' Gift Voucher has been described as, 'Giving the Gift of Life!'

No matter what level of driving experience, every driver is exposed to danger. Other motorists can potentially involve your gift recipient in their accident. At fault or not a crash is a crash and why not avoid a collision with further skills and knowledge.

'Drive to Survive' (Defensive Driving Program) will provide -

  • Life saving information.
  • Increased driver awareness and skills.
  • Defined safe driving strategies.
  • Knowledge about the vehicle.
  • Fatigue management skills.
  • Provide a safe driving fomula that you can use forever.

Buying a present for a loved one or friend can be a challenge – will they like it?

Drive to Survive' Gift Voucher will : -

  • Not go out of fashion! Show you really care!
  • Deliver value that will get used every day!
  • Be appreciated!
  • Give them a fighting chance on our deadly roads.
  • Be the gift of life!

Buying a 'Drive to Survive' Gift Voucher makes good sense.

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