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    - Human Life!
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    They are Caused

Welcome to drive to survive

Driving a motor vehicle is potentially the most dangerous thing you will do! 

Learning how to 'Drive to Survive' is about engaging a pro-active mindset to stimulate positive thinking resulting in responsible actions and behaviour.
We have a range of Driver Training Programs for you to choose, that have been designed to make you or your team smarter, safer driver's!

Our Programs

Respected motoring expert, driver training pioneer Ian Luff provides a variety of driver training programs. From learner, to P plate drivers, to the everyday driver, our professional tuition makes what can be with others ordinary - an extra ordinary experience with us.

  • We are accredited by the NSW Government RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) to conduct the Safer Drivers Course for learners.
  • Our P plate driver development course (8 hour) one day links improved driver skills and the ability to communicate a defensive driving attitude with other road users.
  • The 8 hour one day Drive to Survive defensive driver training program defines driver safety with real life situations.
  • Performance Driver Training Program is for the enthusiast. The 8 hour one day program is ideal as a lead into motorsport or for drivers that spend a lot of time behind the wheel.
  • Ian Luff Motivation Australia Pty Ltd is accredited by the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) for competition licence endorsement. Putting your dreams and enthusiasm on track is part of our 'taking speed off the roads' campaign.
  • Organisations looking to mitigate risk, reduce costs, improve driver/operator behaviour will benefit from the Active Driver Safety Program.